“Reparation is needed”: for Congolese living in Belgium, King Philippe’s “regrets” are not enough

“Reparation is needed”: for Congolese living in Belgium, King Philippe’s “regrets” are not enough

The King’s speech was followed with great attention by the Congolese living in Belgium, and in particular in the Matongé district of Brussels. Some Congolese in the Matonge district of Brussels are not satisfied with the words of King Philippe. This is the case of Adriana who expected an apology. “Normally, you had to ask for forgiveness from the Congo. Because today, if the Congolese die or lack things, it’s because of the Belgians”, she exclaims. “We can say what we want but it’s still words. People have been tortured. And then there is the insanity put on all our future generations. In history, they have always lied to us”, adds another young man met.

It hurts me for my country

No apologies pronounced by the King but regrets. This remains insufficient for some who expect repairs. These could take different forms. “The people hope. The King should apologize and repair the crimes committed by his grandfather in the Congo”, one of them blows. “The Congo is in shit. I don’t see the contribution of the Belgians for the Congo. It hurts me for my country. Forgive the Belgians yes. But we need a repair”adds another person met.

More positive reaction for others. According to them, the words of the King of the Belgians go in the right direction concerning young people who represent the vast majority of the Congolese population and who are the future of the country. “Youth must be able to immerse themselves in this memory while living in their own time and era. This is what is very important for me, and for young people. The duty of memory must be done in each era”, says one of them. Two years ago, King Philippe had already expressed his regrets on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of Congo’s independence.

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