Ritual slaughter in Brussels: the Brussels Parliament votes against the obligation to stun

The vote was announced as “historic” by the President of the Brussels Parliament, Rachid Madrane. The Brussels deputies rejected this Friday, June 17 the proposal for an order tabled by Défi, Groen and the Open VLD, aimed at prohibiting slaughter without stunning.

In practice, the Brussels deputies voted for the rejection of the text already pronounced in the environment committee, with 42 votes for, 38 votes against, 8 abstentions.

There will be no second round and the text is therefore buried. Slaughtering will continue as before in the slaughterhouses of the capital, in this case in Anderlecht.

It is on the vote of the Engagés and Ecolos, who left freedom of vote to their elected officials, that all eyes were on. The two groups came out in majority against the ordinance of Challenge, Groen and the Open VLD.

“I am not an Islamo-leftist”

“Those who voted against the text or abstained are not leftist Islamists. And I am not an leftist Islamist,” says Céline Frémault. The group leader The Committed abstained while her group voted against the order with 3 votes against (Pierre Kompany, Gladys Kazadi and Véronique Lefrancq) and 2 abstentions (Céline Frémault and Christophe De Beukelaer). “This text is the result of inadequate work, both in substance and form, and precipitated in a fractured society. A debate that divides instead of uniting.” Before quoting the former president of Challenge. “I agree with Olivier Maingain: a hasty vote would be an irreparable political fault.”

The group Eco also voted in a majority against the ban on slaughter without stunning, with 9 votes against the order, 5 for and one abstention.

“This discussion confronts two legitimate values: a certain idea of ​​the ethical duties we have with regard to animal welfare, and a certain idea of ​​public freedoms”, declared John Pitseys, head of Eco group. “We are not obliged to think that these values ​​are equal. But we think, and we are addressing the whole of this assembly, beyond the majority and the opposition, that they have citizenship.”

The group PS also, as expected, the overwhelming majority rejected the order, with 14 votes against and 2 for.

“The case law of the Constitutional Court is unequivocal: the stunning requirement does not constitute an unjustified restriction on freedom of worship, is not discriminatory and does not violate the principle of separation between Church and State “, judge, however, Julien Uyttendaele, PS deputy, who voted for the text, unlike his group. “The scientific community is equally clear: the absence of stunning increases animal suffering.”

Véronique Jamoulle, who had been replaced at short notice during the vote in committee, will also vote for the ordinance, unlike the socialist group.

“I have always defended the party’s voting discipline. It is difficult for me and I have never done that. The PS does not need lessons from anyone. We have been at the forefront of the fight against the discrimination”, she said from the gallery of the Brussels Parliament.

The votes of MR12 for, 1 abstention and an absence, were not enough to tip the scales.

Viviane Teitelbaum (MR) will abstain. “It’s the most complicated choice of my political life,” she said, her voice trembling. “Some have presented the vote as a choice between my identity and my party. My identity is multiple. I am a woman, Jewish, feminist, liberal etc. This debate could suggest that to be a good secular and liberal, one should do prevail over one choice over another. I cannot.”

The votes were relatively divided at Challenge, on the initiative of the text.

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