Russia’s Google Removes Country Borders From Its Maps Amid Changes Set To ‘Gradually’ Appear

Yandex, the Russian search engine, recently updated its maps. If so far nothing is abnormal, what has challenged Internet users is the fact that all national borders have disappeared. Indeed, since June 9, we can see by zooming in on the maps that they have been replaced by regional borders.

Behind these modifications, some believe that the Russian Google acted in this way so as not to have to redraw the maps as the Ukrainian conflict progressed and the advance of the Russian army in the country. Our colleagues from LCI also recall that in 2014 Yandex had already modified the national borders of its plans after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. A theory that the company has refuted. She let it be known that she simply wanted to favor local use of her cards. Yandex claims that its maps are “a universal service intended to help users find nearby organizations and places, choose public transport and plan routes”.

“Our mission is to display the surrounding world”, added the Russian company, before specifying that other changes were called to appear “gradually”.

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