Santé publique France participates in the 36th National Congress of Occupational Medicine and Health

Public Health France participates in the National Congress of Occupational Medicine and Health co-organized by the French Society of Occupational Medicine, the Society of Occupational Medicine and Health of Strasbourg, the University Institute of Health-Work-Environment of Alsace as well than the Occupational Health services of the region. It takes place from June 14 to 17, 2022, at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès in Strasbourg. On this occasion, Public Health France will host a conference on the promotion of environments conducive to health, as well as a workshop on the approach to promoting health in the workplace.

Interventions by Public Health France at the CNMST 2022

June 14: Public Health France will lead the workshop “Towards a global approach to promoting health in the workplace”.

June 15: Public Health France will participate in the conference: “Acting to promote environments favorable to health”.

In addition, interventions planned during oral communication sessions:

  • “National Pleural Mesothelioma Surveillance Program (PNSM): 20 years of surveillance of cases, their exposures and their medico-social recognition (1998-2017)”
  • “COVID-19 clusters linked to a professional activity occurring in France between May 2020 and March 2021”

As well as the presentation of posters:

  • “Complementarity of monitoring and vigilance systems in occupational health: Evrest, MCP, RNV3P, Sumer”
  • “Do working-age Parkinson’s patients have more sick leave before their diagnosis? A French national case-control study »
  • “Socio-professional itinerary of asthmatics from the Constances cohort”

Come and visit us at our stand!

We will also be at the congress with a stand, at location E4, presenting our resources and tools.

Occupational health and safety: a strong focus of Public Health France programming

Occupational health and safety is an important line of work for Public Health France and is part of the “Health environment, climate change and working conditions” challenge, the broad scope of which makes it possible to take into account a transversal and global way the risks related to climate change, to the impacts related to chemical substances or even allowing approaches by “environmental” environments.

Thus, to have a global view in the field of occupational health, Public Health France relies on the following systems:

  • Epidemiological surveillance of the active population, thanks in particular to generalist/specialist cohorts or even thanks to surveillance systems based on prevention and occupational health services;
  • Monitoring of occupational exposure and the impregnation of workers, in particular through job-exposure matrices, crop-exposure matrices or the national biomonitoring program;
  • Monitoring of specific pathologies (mesothelioma, other cancers, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic respiratory diseases, mental health disorders, neurodegenerative diseases);
  • Epidemiological investigations aimed at processing reports of unusual health events in the workplace (suspicions of clustering of disease cases, unexplained collective syndromes, atypical exposures, etc.).

The Agency also develops actions to promote health in the workplace, through numerous partnerships, with the aim of promoting behaviors conducive to health.

Public Health France carries out all of its actions in the field of occupational health in conjunction with other players in the field such as the Occupational Risks Department of the CNAM, INRS, MSA and the French Society of Medicine. work. Collaborations with research teams are also sources of solid and important partnerships, thus allowing a robust articulation between research and monitoring action with a view to improving the prevention of occupational risks.

The field of occupational health is complex, many players are involved and their action must be concerted and coherent. The need has arisen to modernize surveillance systems which contribute to improving knowledge. Public Health France actively participates in this by initiating exchanges between the institutions concerned and with the various partners. The health crisis due to Covid-19 has highlighted the major challenges of occupational health. Our priorities are to estimate the burden of work on health both in terms of diseases and determinants, and to provide decision-makers and prevention specialists with the knowledge and tools essential for action in the workplace. Employers can also play a decisive role in the health of their employees, which is why the Agency created the platform ” Employers for Health » providing them with appropriate tools to deploy a prevention and health promotion policy within their structure “says Pr. Géneviève Chêne, Director General of Public Health France

Discover the “Employers for Health” platform. Its vocation is to promote and increase the employer’s accountability for the health of its employees. In order to support companies throughout the year, Public Health France via the platform provides them with appropriate tools to deploy a prevention and health promotion policy within their structure, at the pace that suits them. .

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