she was hit on the way out of school, ‘it’s a shocking accident for everyone’

The shock was immense this Friday morning in the town of Sainte-Catherine, near Arras in France. As the children were leaving school, a garbage truck hit three who were with their nanny. Unfortunately, the toll is very heavy: a 5-year-old boy suffered a broken pelvis and was airlifted to hospital, a 3-year-old boy had bruises on his legs but, above all, a 2 and a half-year-old girl unfortunately lost his life, as confirmed by La Voix du Nord.

“We are first on the human side with a tragic accident on leaving school. Three children were hit by a dump truck. Everyone needs to be auditioned to find out how this could have happened. It’s a shocking accident for everyone because experiencing such a tragedy can happen to everyone, ”explains Ghislain Guillaume, deputy public prosecutor of Arras

Their nanny, present at the time of the tragedy, was admitted to hospital in shock.

What happened ?

According to the first elements, the garbage truck driver did not see the children crossing as he turned left. An investigation will still be conducted to shed light on this tragic news item. “We have to clarify the circumstances because everyone needs to understand.”


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