Shiro Games announces Abyssals and Decarnation

Shiro Games announces Abyssals and Decarnation

Shiro Games, the independent French studio behind Evoland 1 & 2, Northgard and Wartales, as well as its publishing label Shiro Unlimited unveiled its latest novelties during the PC Gaming Show.

First of all, Shiro Unlimited took advantage of the PC Gaming Show to unveil two new games:


In Abyssalsa new Survival City Builder developed by OverPowered Team in Madrid, players will have to build their underwater colony and survive a hostile environment, always in search of light.

To develop their colony, they must increase their electrical system to explore and recover the scarce resources the planet has to offer. Danger lurks in the depths, hidden in the darkness. The release date will be announced soon.


deeply disturbing, Decarnation is a narrative horror game developed by the Parisian studio Atelier QDB. Players will meet Gloria, a struggling cabaret dancer who seeks to deal with the disintegration of her relationships, her career and her self-esteem, while living in a spooky world populated by dreams and nightmares.

Solve cryptic puzzles, battle ominous enemies, and face the most terrifying monsters from the darkest parts of your soul. Decarnation is scheduled for a release in 2023.

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