Shooting in Brussels: a war between Albanians that has lasted for 20 years

The deadly antagonisms in the Albanian environment reach their climax.

Latest fact: Erion Hasanbelliu, 43, was seriously injured in a shooting in Brussels. The Albanian mafia wanted (once again) to settle accounts after years of feuding.

The suspect is Albanian criminal Kasander Noga (44). The perpetrator and the victim have been engaged in a bloody feud that seems to have gone on forever for some twenty years. This is not the first time that the two have tried to settle their accounts in our country.

The shooting on the famous Place de Brouckère in the center of Brussels took place on Saturday evening around 8:20 p.m. Just before the entrance to the NH Collection hotel, a 43-year-old man was shot six times. He was hit in the chest and legs. The man is in mortal danger. The author(s) is/are still actively sought.

Hotel employees and several bystanders were shocked by the brutal violence that unfolded before their eyes. For them, it was clearly a settling of accounts. “One suddenly shot the other several times, then fled down a side street to the left of the hotel. He was bald, short and stocky“, said a woman to

The Albanian media already knew on Sunday that this was a high-flying settlement. The victim’s family had problems with Albanian criminal Kasander Noga for decades.

The 44-year-old hitman was sentenced to life in Albania for the “recovery room murder”. In 2000, Kasander Noga broke into the convalescent ward of an Albanian hospital where Aqif Hasanbelliu (the current victim’s father) was admitted. He removed the Baxter from his arm and fired his machine gun at the man and a friend of his. Both died on the spot.

A year later, the Hasanbelliu family fought back. The sons Erion and Geron invaded the café Préhistorie on the Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp, where Kasander Noga and his friend Julian Xhela had arrived just before. Xhela died instantly, Kasander Noga was seriously injured but survived the attack. Belgian justice arrested Erion Hasanbelliu and extradited him to Albania in 2013.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting in Brussels, Kasander Noga, also reported to the Belgian justice system twenty years ago. In 2005, he appeared before the Assize Court of Antwerp for the murder of the Albanian Astrit Shperdheja (37 years old). The man was shot dead in broad daylight on the Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp by an assailant who was riding a BMX bike. The primary eyewitnesses were two twelve-year-old boys standing in a doorway. The popular jury was unconvinced by the evidence and acquitted Kasander Noga in 2005.

According Het Laatste Nieuws, the Brussels prosecutor’s office is not yet certain that he is really the shooter. The Federal Judicial Police thoroughly analyzes the images from the many cameras in Place de Brouckère.

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