South Kivu: the measles vaccination campaign launched in the health zone of Fizi where 56 cases of death are reported in 2022

South Kivu: the measles vaccination campaign launched in the health zone of Fizi where 56 cases of death are reported in 2022

Aimé Kawaya Mutipula, administrator of the territory of Fizi (South Kivu), proceeded this Thursday, June 16 to the official launch of the vaccination campaign against measles in the health zone of Fizi.

In front of a delegation from the provincial health division, the administrator asked parents to have their children vaccinated because the territory of Fizi is among the most affected by this epidemic where deaths of children are recorded.

“We are launching this vaccination campaign today to save the lives of our children who are at risk from the measles outbreak. I ask parents to properly vaccinate their children because it is a sign of love towards them,” said the territory administrator.

According to Dr. Albert Mangahiko, chief doctor of the Fizi health zone, his health jurisdiction has recorded 3,251 cases of measles since the beginning of the current year, the victims of which are people aged 6 months to 5 years.

“From the first week of the current year until the 24th week, we have registered 3251 cases. Unfortunately 56 of the patients died. We lost the children to this disease. If currently all the children would already be vaccinated, we would not have lost all these children. I also want to make it clear that if the vaccinated child has just been attacked by measles, we cannot be afraid as for the one who is not. This is why I say that the government has listened to our cry of alarm by carrying out this great campaign of vaccination of children,” he said.

For its part, the new civil society, through its coordinator of the city of Baraka, Jacques Abungulu, also asked parents not to neglect this vaccination given the cases of death of children recorded in several medical structures in Baraka and everywhere in the territory of Fizi.

“First, we would like to thank the government for bringing us this long-awaited vaccination. But there has been a great weakness because since the beginning of the year children have been dying of measles here. We wondered if the State did not see. We are asking parents to bring the children to be vaccinated and not get carried away by the messages circulating that the latter is covid-19,” said Mr. Abungulu.

This vaccination campaign launched by the government, through its partners MSF and UNICEF, will last 7 days and will cover the 16 areas that make up the Fizi health zone.

Lubunga Lavoix, in Baraka

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