spectacular chase around the Hydrion on Thursday evening

It is 7 p.m. this Thursday evening in Arlon, at the roundabout located a stone’s throw from the Hydrion, when police sirens sound. Suddenly, a car rushes into the roundabout and continues its course by heading behind the ophthalmology center. The driver is driving at high speed, and tries to get his vehicle up an embankment. Impossible mission.

He opens the door and flees on foot, but loses his cell phone. The police are not far away: people are shouting, the radios are crackling, reinforcements are arriving on the scene. The man is nowhere to be found. A witness at the scene picks up the phone and gives it to the police. They leave with a bang, then return a few moments later. The nervousness is palpable, especially as onlookers how to arrive…

At the time of writing these lines, it is impossible to know if the fugitive has been caught. Nor the reason for his mad dash.


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