Standard beats Manage 1-4

Standard beats Manage 1-4

The Rouches, led after two minutes, equalized by Emond in stride (4th). With a first team that looked like an almost typical team given the players present, Standard could not make the difference during the first 45 minutes.

In the second period, with a team made up partly of Espoirs, the Liégeois made the difference via Vankerkhoven (1-2, 60th), Dragus, author of a nice lob (1-3, 64th), and El Fanis ( 1-4, 86th).

Goals: 2nd Scohy (1-0); 4th Emond (1-1); 60th Vankerkhoven (1-2); 64th Dragus (1-2); 86th El Fanis 1-4)

yellow cards: Sissako, Mabille

Standard 1st half : Henkinet; Dewaele, Ngoy, Dussenne, Calut; Van Damme; Boljevic, Raskin, Balikwisha, Cafaro; Emond

Standard 2nd half: Henkinet (70th Godfroid), Mawette, Nekadio, Sissako, Pavlovic, Vankerkhoven, Behti, El Fanis, Kuavita, Dragus, Avenatti

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