Standard de Liège begins its summer preparation with a success

This Thursday (6 p.m.), Standard de Liège played its first friendly game of its summer preparation alongside the Manageoise Entity. The D3 ACFF club is the only Hainaut anchor point for registration number 16 with a cooperation that results in particular in detection days.

For this first friendly match, Ronny Deila decided to line up two former undesirables from the start: Balikwisha and Boljevic. The new coach of Standard de Liège, who wants to review his troops during this summer preparation, had to do without the services of Bodart (ischios) and Bokadi (muscular discomfort) this Thursday.

Standard : Henkinet, Dewaele, Ngoy, Dussenne, Calut, Van Damme, Raskin, Balikwisha, Boljevic, Cafaro, Emond

It was the locals who opened the scoring via a header from Scohy (2nd), 1-0. The Liégeois will react quickly via Emond. After a shot on the opposing post (4th), the former Nantes player will equalize after a fine service from Boljevic (6th), 1-1. After a good movement with Cafaro, Raskin will try a rolled left, but it will not be powerful enough to deceive the opposing goalkeeper (12th). From the inside of the foot, Cafaro will push Vanhecke to the parade (19th). After a magnificent opening from Raskin to Boljevic, the Montenegrin will offer a caviar to Emond who will place right next to it (28th). Despite their dominance and a ball over the bar in the 45th minute, Standard failed to take the lead before the break (1-1).

In the second half, Deila will field a completely different team apart from Henkinet who will remain in the Liège cages.

Standard : Henkinet, Mawete, Nekadio, Sissako, Pavlovic, Vanderkhoven, Kuavita, El Fanis, Behti, Dragus, Avenatti

Nekadio will attempt an acrobatic recovery following a corner, but the leather will miss (55th). Three minutes later, Avenatti will get a clear chance, but will be countered before sending the ball to the goalkeeper and then missing his control (58th). It was ultimately Vanderkhoven who allowed the Rouches to take control of the match thanks to a fine strike at the entrance to the rectangle (60th), 1-2. Just after, Dragus will make the break via a nice lob (64th), 1-3. At the end of the game, El Fanis will go for his goal by winning his duel against the opposing goalkeeper (86th), 1-4.

The score will not move, Standard therefore wins its first friendly game before receiving Saint-Trond next Wednesday.

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