Standard on the verge of finding its T1: an agreement in sight for Deila!

If nothing has yet been signed, according to our information, the American management of Standard is approaching an agreement for the arrival of the Norwegian. This case was extremely difficult for the new Liège decision-makers to carry out as the City Football Group, to which the 46-year-old Norwegian belongs in his capacity as T1 of New York City, was inflexible, Deila being under contract until 2023. The recent The departures of Fergal Harkin and Don Dransfield, also City Football Group employees, did not help in the negotiations.

Deila wants to come

Nevertheless, it would seem that 777 Partners can achieve its goals and thus find a coach of choice that the Americans believe to be the right person to carry out their project at Standard. It should also be noted that, despite requests from Blackburn, Deila wants to join Standard at all costs. It comes back to us that he would have already taken information on certain Liège players. He would land with his T2, Efrain Juarez.

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