Starfield, Forza, Ark 2: all the games presented at the Xbox conference

Starfield, Forza, Ark 2: all the games presented at the Xbox conference

Microsoft held an online event this Sunday, during which the computer giant lifted the veil on many new games and presented some titles already unveiled in more depth.

Gameplay for Redfall (Xbox, PC)

Among the excluded unveiled this year at the keynote, there is of course Redfall, the new cooperative FPS from Arkane, the studio behind the excellent Deathloop and Dishonored. Expected at the start of 2023, the title will offer to embody a handful of fighters who find themselves isolated on an island with an army of vampires. On the gameplay side, expect something quite close to Back 4 Blood. The originality of the title will come mainly from its open world, and its gameplay, largely based on the skills of the characters.

Gameplay for Forza Motorsport (Xbox, PC)

Announced two years ago, the new episode of Forza Motorsport has finally shown itself through a long sequence of gameplay. Visually very impressive, the title takes full advantage of the capabilities of new-gen consoles. The unveiled video shows the enormous work carried out at the level of details. Each blade of grass is modeled in great detail. The title uses and abuses ray-tracing, even in the reflections that appear on the bodywork. Expected in early 2023, the title will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox.

The first images of Starfield (Xbox, PC)

This is probably the biggest exclusion from Microsoft’s upcoming console. Starfield, the new game from Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout), was presented with great fanfare during the evening. The title presents itself as a futuristic RPG, in which players will be able to freely explore no less than 1000 planets of the Milky Way. Starfield is one of the first true new-gen games. It will offer a gigantic universe to explore. The developers don’t seem to have put up any barriers either since they gave free rein to their imagination in terms of content. Players will be able to customize their avatar, their ship, collect resources, freely improve their arsenal and explore the confines of the galaxy according to their desires. On the gameplay side, we are faced with a nervous shooter, much more in any case than Fallout. The title will also offer space trips, space combat and the driving of various types of vehicles in the explored habitats. Release scheduled for early 2023.

A new project with Kojima (Xbox, PC)

Surprise of the evening, Microsoft announced a new collaboration with Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding. The next game from his studio, Kojima Productions, will be released exclusively on Xbox. It is rumored to be a horror game that somehow harnesses the power of the cloud. Unfortunately, we do not know more about this collaboration at the moment.

Wo-Long, the new Team Ninja game (Xbox, PC)

Another surprise: the announcement of Wo-Long, a Souls-like developed by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Ni-Oh), exclusive to the Microsoft machine, which above all marks the return of close collaboration between Microsoft and the Team Ninja, once one of the publisher’s most valued allies. We do not know for the moment much about the title except that it will exploit Eastern mythologies.

Persona 3, 4 and 5 are coming to Xbox

We expected it and it’s now official: the Persona license will make its debut on Xbox this year. Atlus unveiled ports of Persona 3, 4, and 5 Royal during the Xbox event. Episode 5 was released exclusively on PC and PS4. Considering it’s one of the best JRPGs of recent years, and a first major collaboration with the publisher, the excitement was high. Especially since it opens the doors for other JRPG ports on Microsoft consoles.

Grounded, the final version finally arrives (Xbox, PC)

Still on the side of first-party productions, Microsoft has confirmed the imminent release of the final version of Grounded, Obsidian’s new game, and probably one of the best surprises of the past two years. The title was in “preview” version for more than two years. It presents itself as a cooperative open-world RPG, which draws its originality from its universe. The player here explores a garden, shortly after being shrunken. Since the release of the first beta, the title has been offered a lot of new content and benefited from notable additions. The final version should still bring its share of novelties, next September.

Pentiment, the new game from Obsidian (Xbox, PC)

The Obsidian studio also came to present another novelty with Pentiment, a very strange 2D adventure game that will put you in the shoes of an artist in sixteenth-century Bavaria. The title has a unique artistic touch and will offer an adventure that promises to be completely uninhibited.

A release date for As Dusk Falls (Xbox, PC)

Another collaboration from Xbox Game Studios, probably the least exciting of the lot, As Dusk Falls was already announced a year ago. This narrative game, which will take the form of an interactive film, draws its originality from its very particular artistic direction. It will be available on the Microsoft console from July 19.

Minecraft Legends (Xbox, PC)

The Mojang studio also came to present its new game, a new spin-off of the Minecraft franchise which will take the form of a real-time strategy game and which will focus on multiplayer. The platforms are not specified, but there is however a chance that this title will also be released on Switch and PS4, the previous spin-off having been entitled to an expanded release.

A major expansion for Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, PC)

Like Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 5 will be entitled to a major expansion this year, and in this case an expansion based on the Hot Wheels license, with completely crazy layouts and new vehicles. The Hot Wheels expansion will arrive on PC and Xbox on July 19.

Ara, a new exclusive strategy game (Xbox, PC)

Another little surprise of the evening, the announcement of Ara, a turn-based strategy game developed by the Oxide studio, which will obviously be released exclusively on Xbox and PC. No details have filtered on the game. The first trailer, however, suggests that it will be a title very close to Civilization in its concept.

Cocoon, the new game from the creator of Limbo (Xbox, PC)

On the indie side, this year we found the new production of the lead-designer of Limbo, Cocoon, a curious adventure game in which the player will have to play with the physics of the world.

Ravenlok, a curious A-RPG (Xbox, PC)

The creators of Echo Generation had come to present their new project, an ambitious action RPG called Ravenlok, which will offer players to explore a vast fantasy universe.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy (Xbox, PC)

Out of nowhere, Ereban is a new action-adventure game that is characterized by its very stealth-oriented gameplay. The first trailer unveiled suggests an ambitious and charming title.

High on life (Xbox, PC)

Straight from the twisted mind of the creator of Rick & Morty, High on Life is a new first-person adventure game that promises to be totally wacky. The title is expected next October on PC and Xbox.

Flintlock (Xbox, PC)

Another little surprise of the evening, the announcement of Flintlock, a curious third-person adventure game that will obviously be very action-oriented, with intense combat, powerful powers and a universe that promises to be very attractive.

A few bulk announcements:

– Sea of ​​Thieves will be entitled to a new season this year, the seventh already, which will add new content and minor features.

– Diablo IV revealed itself through a long gameplay video. The title will be released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles and will be integrated day one into the Gamepass.

– The Xbox will host the battle-royale Naraka on June 23, a free-to-play game that is currently a hit in Asia.

– Scorn, the very strange FPS exclusive to Xbox consoles, will be released next October.

– Valheim, the survival game phenomenon of 2021, will be released this year on Xbox.

– Ark 2 appeared briefly in a new trailer. The title will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox in 2023.

– Fallout 76 will be entitled to a new expansion called The Pitt.

– The Elder Scrolls Online will also offer a new extension with High Isle, which will offer to explore a region never before explored in an Elder Scrolls game.

– Overwatch 2 will be released next October and will ultimately be a free-to-play game.

– Flight Simulator will be entitled to a new reissue with new content. On the program: the introduction of helicopters and the piloting of a Spartan ship.

– The sequel to A Plague Tale briefly showed itself through a new trailer.

– The sequel to Hollow Knight, Silksong, showed itself through a trailer.

– Gamepass subscribers will be entitled to benefits in games from the publisher Riot, including unlocked characters.

– Lightyear Frontier is a curious space farming game that will be released this year on PC and consoles.

– Gunfire Reborn is a nervous FPS that will put you in the shoes of unleashed kittens. The game will be released on PC and consoles.

– The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a 2D action/adventure game that will be released this year on PC and consoles.

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