Storms, hail, intense precipitation… all of Belgium on alert

Storms, hail, intense precipitation… all of Belgium on alert

First sustained showers are expected in the early evening Thursday evening. Our whole country is on alert.

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JThursday afternoon, sunny spells will affect a large central part of the country with dry weather. It will be hot with maximums of 27 or 28ºC in the center of the country. In the Campine, the mercury could reach 30ºC. At the sea as well as in upper Belgium, it will be less hot with highs close to 24 or 25ºC. The south to southeast wind will become moderate.

This Thursday evening and during the night, an active rainy-stormy wave will affect the east of the country. It will be the cause of sometimes intense precipitation, indicates the MRI. A yellow alert was issued until midnight Friday.

On Friday, according to the latest IRM alert, the atmosphere will become very unstable throughout the country, with widespread showers or thunderstorms that may locally be accompanied by hail and/or gusts of wind. The maxima will vary between 21ºC on the Ardennes relief and 25ºC in Campine. The wind will be weak to moderate from south to southwest or from variable direction. At the Coast, a sea breeze will set in during the day.

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