Street Art? An unfinished pedestrian crossing surprises the people of Liège

The surreal photo has its small success on social networks. On the ground, several streaked white markings seem unfinished on a renovated section of road on rue des Glacis, near the Citadel hospital.

Geometric abstraction? Pictorial work stoppage? The drawing on the ground raises questions and makes you smile. Information taken from the city’s works department, it concerns the development of a pedestrian crossing in the section of recently renovated streets between the Montagne Sainte Walburge and rue de Vottem.

The heat-sealed refuge island is missing

This is a regional project. The marking contractor has already painted the striped areas on the new tarmac. But it lacks in the center, the installation of a refuge island, a room that must soon be heat-sealed to the ground.

The portion of the street is theoretically under construction. It constitutes a cul-de-sac closed to traffic, except for local residents and their garages. Even if some other vehicles use the lane. There is therefore no risk of poor road signs for pedestrians and motorists.

In the meantime, on social networks, comments abound: “A new Belgian story?” “A montage?”… In any case, once completed, this pedestrian crossing will eventually make it possible to cross this busy street near the hospital in complete safety.

On Friday, the unfinished pedestrian crossing was secured with barriers.

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