Teenage girl killed by her 14-year-old boyfriend in France: the macabre confessions of the young killer

Teenage girl killed by her 14-year-old boyfriend in France: the macabre confessions of the young killer

Last week, we told you about a tragedy in France where a 13-year-old girl was killed by her 14-year-old boyfriend. The affair caused a great stir in their village of Saône-et-Loire. Locked since for murder, the 14-year-old teenager, who confessed to the facts, explained during his police custody that he had acted to know the feeling of killing, according to BFM TV. The boy was charged last week and placed in a facility with a juvenile section and a psychiatric health unit.

The young boy did not immediately give any indication of the motive for the crime, but a breakup is excluded. He targeted his girlfriend because he thought she was easier to attract.

A knife placed in his sleeve

On Thursday June 9, in the early morning in Clessé (France), the body of a teenager, with numerous wounds and a knife still stuck in her neck, was discovered on the public highway near her former primary school in this wine village. The suspicions of the investigators of the research section of the Dijon gendarmerie quickly fell on her boyfriend, who was arrested in the morning at the college of Lugny, where the victim was also educated.

Placed in police custody for murder, the schoolboy quickly confirmed having committed the facts during a night meeting.


He admits having agreed to an appointment with this young girl, having taken a knife which he had placed in his sleeve, and having stabbed her three times in the neck.“, had declared during a press conference the prosecutor of Mâcon, Eric Jallet, initially in charge of the file. The victim then “tattempted to flee, but the suspect tried to strangle him and then stabbed him again”, he added, specifying that the two teenagers had become accustomed to meeting between midnight and 4:00 a.m. in Clessé. His body exhibited “several dozen stab marks on the chest, shoulders, face and neck” as well as several “defense lesionse” on the forearms in addition to a broken nose.

The disappearance of the young girl, a pupil in 4th grade, had not been noted by her parents until the morning.

“Will to Kill”

The first testimonies collected by the investigators indicated that the suspect had in the past “disturbing words“, evoking his desire to “kill someone and in particular his girlfriend”, with whom he had a relationship enamelled with ruptures and reconciliations.

The teen’s new auditions on Friday still put “evidence of the young man’s desire to kill”. “He thought his act could be facilitated by the fact that the victim loved him. He said he had practiced knife handling. He described the blows with precision”added Mr. Jallet, who withdrew in favor of the judicial court of Chalon-sur-Saône, competent in criminal matters.

“We are in mourning”

The psychiatric examination of the young boy concluded “a significant alteration of discernment, without abolition, making it accessible at this stage to a criminal sanction“, further specified the magistrate.

The wine-growing village of Clessé (Saône-et-Loire) remained in shock the day after the macabre discovery. Bouquets of flowers were visible along the small path behind the school, where the teenager lost her life, noted an AFP journalist. At the end of the morning, the faces were closed at the exit of the old school of the victim. Out of respect for his family, whom most residents know well, very few have spoken. “We are in mourning”summarized in particular a resident of Clessé.

A psychological unit has been set up for students and teachers at the Victor Hugo college in Lugny, where the victim and his alleged murderer were educated.

Without a criminal record, the suspect risks as a minor a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for murder.

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