TF1 programming delights Internet users

This Sunday, June 12, TF1 broadcast the film Camping. A decision that delighted Internet users. Pathe

Faced with France Télévisions, which devoted its evening to the results of the first round of the legislative elections, TF1 favored entertainment and humor. His choice to broadcast Camping delighted Internet users.

This Sunday, June 12 was punctuated by the legislative elections. However, according to the figures, only 50% of French people went to the polls, a record number. From 8 p.m., the first estimates fell. France Télévisions therefore devoted its evening to the results of this first round of the legislative elections, with Anne-Sophie Lapix and Laurent Delahousse in charge. For its part, TF1 started with the results of this first round, but quickly changed register. Unlike the first round of the presidential election, the first channel respected its programming, thus allowing viewers to forget about politics and immerse themselves in a more entertaining universe. And for good reason, the film Camping was broadcast on TF1.

Discover the portrait of Laurent Delahousse:

“It’s going to cheer up a bit after the elections”

And as much to say that this program attracted a wide panel. Many Internet users have expressed their joy at the idea of ​​finding Franck Dubosc on their screens in this cult film. Especially since the first channel was not too late during its broadcast, which was welcomed by many Twitter users. One thing is sure, it is that the film Camping has many followers. If some have mentioned a “cult” film, others have shared their excitement on the Web. Successful bet for TF1. This feature film by Fabien Onteniente has given Internet users a smile.

“Aren’t we expecting Patrick?”

And even though viewers have already seen it countless times since 2006, they assured that they never tire of it. Besides, they remember every line. For them, Camping is full of “cult lines” and punchlines. Nevertheless, the best known will undoubtedly remain: “Well then, aren’t we expecting Patrick?” A phrase that seems to have remained engraved in the minds of Internet users.

The choice of TF1 therefore delighted the viewers, who were able to clear their minds on this day punctuated by the first round of the legislative elections.

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