The benefits of art on residents of nursing homes for the elderly

The benefits of art on residents of nursing homes for the elderly

Life in a nursing home for the aged is not easy. This sometimes causes a state of stress in patients who find it difficult to adapt. In this case, certain activities can contribute to making them recover a feeling of well-being. Art has the secret.

Stimulate concentration with art therapy

There are many things that elude people of a certain age, on all levels. This is why practicing art therapy is important. Indeed, art makes it possible to develop another degree of concentration to channel the neurons.

Whether it’s painting or drawing, concentration helps to elevate the spirit and see things differently. As a result, a total well-being sets in and can cure the ailments from which these people suffer.

Art is a real means of escape. And so it is necessary to introduce it into the activities of nursing homes for the elderly.

Fight against Alzheimer’s

The benefits of art therapy in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease are multiple. We mainly note:

  • brain stimulation;
  • And stimulation of cognitive function;

Thus, the practice of art in homes for the elderly allows them to adjust their gestures and express themselves more easily. Consciousness is increasingly worked to allow them to live the present moment in relation to their past.

In addition to promoting improved communication among nursing home residents and their social interaction, art therapy allows them to experience pleasant moments.

What creative activities to consider?

To stimulate the senses and relieve stress in patients, it is recommended to plan activities beyond the classic drawing on paper. In particular, older people appreciate the following creative activities:

  • Sculpt with paste or clay;
  • Draw in pencil or charcoal;
  • Make maps;
  • Make jewelry;
  • Participate in community art projects…

Through their creations, residents of senior care homes can feel pride and accomplishment. These feelings are undeniable factors of well-being.

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