the Chamber has just validated the oil/propane check

the Chamber has just validated the oil/propane check

Federal Minister of the Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne took the project to the plenary session in the Chamber on Thursday. After obtaining the emergency vote, then the agreement on the bill in the Economy Committee on Wednesday, it was the last step for the bill to be validated and to be presented for signature to the King .

The project is therefore to award consumers who have ordered fuel oil or propane during the year a check for 225 euros. The initial amount of the check was 200 euros, but was increased during last Saturday’s kern to compensate for the reduction in VAT from 21 to 6% for citizens heating with gas or electricity.

It is estimated that one million Belgians are affected by the measure.

The deliveries concerned by this aid must have taken place between November 15, 2021 and December 31, 2022 inclusive. It will be necessary to be able to provide the invoice of the delivery and the proof of the payment of this one.

Applications may be submitted until January 10, 2023. The FPS will rule on these applications within two months of receipt of the application.

The platform allowing citizens to submit their requests is finalized by the FPS Economy. Its launch should therefore take place in the coming days.

Attempts at fraud, by persons submitting several applications, for example, will be punished by an administrative fine ranging from 500 to 10,000 euros, and also expose themselves to criminal prosecution (if they have produced false documents, for example).


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