The Cointe tunnel will be closed for 7 weeks this summer!

We announced it a few weeks ago: the in-depth rehabilitation of the Cointe tunnel is not certain, almost a year after the terrible floods which raged in the Liège region in July 2021. Among the most significant technical damage caused by the rising waters, there are indeed those caused in the motorway link E 25-E 40/A 602… the Cointe tunnel. Here, the water has simply risen to the ceiling, flooding the entirety of the Grosses Battes and Kinkempois tunnels. And if for three months, the emergency repairs took place from August to October 2021, allowing a reopening at the end of the year, an in-depth rehabilitation of all the security and surveillance systems is now necessary.

This Friday morning, Sofico, in charge of the site, confirmed that these repairs would take place during the “off-peak” period, i.e. during the summer holidays. This implies a closure, in both directions of the tunnel, in its part between Val Benoît and Angleur (Grosses Battes), precisely from Monday July 4 to Tuesday August 23, 2022, for more than 7 weeks.

The portion located between the Laveu exit and Val Benoît (left bank of the Meuse) will remain accessible, but limited to one lane in the direction towards Luxembourg, in order to prevent an exit at Val Benoît.

Deviations, prohibitions

As during the three months of closure last year, there will therefore be numerous provisions to avoid congestion in Liège and its near periphery. Thus, to lighten the roads, transit traffic will have to avoid the agglomeration and follow the deviations. For example, coming from Luxembourg, the route via the E 411 and the E 42, via Daussoulx then towards Liège will be favoured. Coming from the E 40, to reach Luxembourg, you will also have to take the E 42 and the E 411.

Another ban is that applied to heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes or vehicles over 6 meters long, including coaches and caravans… the deviations are the same as for any transit vehicle; only local services will be authorized.


At the Liège police, we are already announcing a reinforced control… and fines in the event of a forced passage. As a reminder, this amounts to 174 euros. “During the previous closure, 410 to 420 fines were issued”recalled this Friday morning the leading Commissioner Hagelstein.

Signage will be reinforced and adapted; it is recommended to turn as much as possible, towards the train, the bus or even the bicycle… the relay car parks will also be well indicated.

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