The contraceptive pill: what to do if you forget?

Can you chain your pill packs to avoid getting paid?

Yes. The periods observed on the pill are purely artificial, linked to the hormonal break that occurs when you reach the end of the pack. The pill pattern was designed this way to give women the illusion of a natural cycle. The fact of chaining two or even three or more platelets to avoid a period is absolutely not bad. The only limitation will be that after a certain number of platelets (which will depend on one woman to another), bleeding may appear, like small periods… And suddenly we miss the objective which was not to bleed at all.

What about the vaginal ring, implant and patch?

They are derivatives of the pill, a kind of “pills in disguise” explains Dr. Renkin.

  • The vaginal ring is equivalent to an estrogen-progestogen pill but on an annular support, which is introduced into the vagina and remains there for three weeks. It’s very practical when you are distracted or when you are prone to regular digestive disorders. The contraindications are the same as for the pill.
  • The hormonal patch is the same principle as the ring but with absorption of hormones through the skin, it must be changed every week.
  • The implant is an equivalent of the mini-pill. So, based on progesterone only. It is placed under the skin in the arm and is replaced every 3 years. It is recommended for smokers or patients who cannot take the traditional pill.

The choice of the most suitable contraceptive method for each patient must be made with the attending physician or gynecologist.

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