The Devils silenced critics: ‘Like a great team’

The Devils silenced critics: ‘Like a great team’

We expected a strong reaction from the Devils, after the slap received on Friday against the Netherlands. She arrived. In the form of another slap, but in the other direction this time. It was the unfortunate Poles who paid the price. This 6-1 is their worst result for 12 years (the coach has also publicly apologized at a press conference).

“It’s good to have reacted like that”said Eden Hazard, all smiles, after the match. “For us and for our public, it was important to show beautiful things given what we had shown on Friday”added Leandro Trossard, whose double launched the Devils towards a river score.

One of the most satisfied players was Toby Alderweireld. But he was also one of the most revengeful. In his words, we felt that he had been touched by the criticisms of the defense issued by all of the Belgian press last weekend. And he had every intention of setting the record straight. “I don’t mind being criticized… but it’s always the defense that is targeted”he indicated the determined look at the microphone of VTM. “I felt personally attacked. But against the Poles, I showed that I was indeed sharp. I won all my duels. I proved myself, just like the rest of the defense. We showed that we were still here.”

And it doesn’t matter if the opposition was weaker than last Friday. “When we win, we say that the opponent is weak. And when we lose, it’s Belgium who are bad. The reality is that we put pressure on Poland and we delivered a good performance. Full stop.”

For his part, Roberto Martinez had a facial expression drastically different from that of the last few days. The Spanish coach, who we saw very expressive on the bench, could not hide his satisfaction at having seen his team show a completely different face than against the Dutch. “It’s the nature of the big teams to catch up. We did it. We never doubted”indicated the federal coach. “I know how hard it is to be international and to accumulate games. Against the Netherlands, we hadn’t created as much as today in possession. That’s the big difference. And where the defensive performance was not up to par, it was good this time around. Nobody should worry about the talent of our team. I am particularly happy with the performances of Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Dendoncker. “

A trio that has undeniably scored points and stands, perhaps, as the favorite to start the World Cup against Canada on November 23 in Qatar. But until then, there are still four League of Nations matches. Which will rhyme with confirmation.

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