The employee of a hotel in Huy makes an astonishing discovery in a room

Several kilos of different drugs, thousands of euros and weapons were discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a hotel room in Huy (province of Liège), the Liège public prosecutor’s office said on Friday. One person has been placed under arrest warrant.

Four kilos of white powder, 200 grams of ecstasy, 15 bars of cannabis resin, 10,000 euros in cash, several weapons and precision scales were discovered on Wednesday afternoon by an employee in a hotel room in Huy , when the occupants were absent.

The four kilos of white powder are suspected to be cocaine, but analyzes were still to be carried out on Friday. Police were contacted upon the discovery on Wednesday and a search was carried out in the afternoon. The investigators waited for the guests of the room to return to question them.

It is a man born in 2000 who lived there with his partner. A search was conducted at the father of the suspect, who is already known to justice, where other weapons were found.

The man in his twenties was placed under an arrest warrant by the Liège prosecutor’s office.

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