The fourth saga is only a few months away from its release, we are delighted!

To allow you to expect the theatrical release of After Ever Happy, here is all the information revealed to date!

Hardin and Tessa’s stormy romance is all set to reach its conclusion in the latest film, After Ever Happy. Directed by Castille Landon and based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Anna Todd, the film is the fourth and final installment.

After Ever Happy will deal with the prequels of the previous saga. And we will see Tessa and Hardin go through a bad patch in their relationship! Want to know more? Find all the details in the following paragraphs. To your readings!

After Every Happy: the potential release date

The fourth and final installment in the series, After Ever Happy, is set to premiere on September 7, 2022. The film will be released in theaters. And we can expect it to hit Prime Video soon after. As she ensured the distribution of previous films!

After Ever Happy will obviously see the return of the main characters. To name but a few, we will see, for example, Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, Chance Perdomo, Louise Lombard and Kiana Madeira. There will also be Carter Jenkins, Arielle Kebbel, Stephen Moyer, Mira Sorvino, Rob Estes and Frances Turner!

In the previous movie, After We Fell, viewers saw Tessa’s alcoholic father return. He ended up staying with Tessa and Hardin, which the latter initially didn’t appreciate. Meanwhile, Tessa prepares to move to Seattle for her new job in publishing and has decided to keep it a secret from Hardin. When the latter learns of his big move, the two have their first argument, which eventually escalates.

All was well after Tessa and Hardin arrived in England. Until he catches Vance cheating on Kimberly with her mother the night before her wedding. Hardin, furious and heartbroken, still attends the wedding the next day and then decides to give Vance a chance to explain himself over a drink. After Ever Happy will also see the aftermath of this event !

The plot

The official trailer of After Ever Happy aired in April. The video showed Hardin descending into darkness after his mother’s wedding. While Tessa gave him an ultimatum that placed the couple at an emotional crossroads!

The movie will be the last part of the After franchise, as two other films from the After universe are in development. A prequel, loosely inspired by Anna Todd’s Before, which will focus on a younger version of Hardin. And a next-gen sequel that will follow the kids of Tessa and Hardin!

Fans can expect After Ever Happy to be the best of Anna Todd’s After universe. The two protagonists must face the most difficult test of their relationship. Tessa must choose between saving Hardin or herself, questioning the validity of their toxic relationship. And this by making their love story make or break.

After a long wait for the premiere date, the newly released teaser gives fans a precise date broadcasting films on the big screen. After Ever Happy will be in theaters from August 26, 2022 (Canada, Norway, South Africa, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria), September 7, 2022 (United States and Puerto Rico) and September 8, 2022 (Australia and New Zealand). It will also stream on Prime Video in the UK and France.

What will fans expect in After Ever Happy?

The After Ever Happy novel sees Hardin and Tessa manage the consequences of what happens in the end from After We Fell. In the books, Hardin loses ground after finding out who his real father is, and breaks up with Tessa. On the other hand, the latter leaves London on her own and plans to move on with her life. But when she returns home, she finds her own father dead in his apartment. She then plans to move to New York with Landon, and discovers that she may not be able to have children.

The rest of the book sees the couple through the next few decades of their lives. As they grow together with even more ups and downs! And yes, through it all, they really end by staying together. After Ever Happy is a program not to be missed.

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