The Fridge is Red, a horror anthology published by tinyBuild, unveiled at the Guerrilla Collective

The Fridge is Reda psychological horror anthology reminiscent of old-school PlayStation horror games, developed by 5WORD Team and publisher tinyBuild, will haunt PC later in 2022, with a demo available now on PC as part of Steam Next. Fest, as revealed during the Guerrilla Collective Digital Showcase.

Frank’s daughter is missing, and notes scattered around her basement indicate that the red refrigerator in her cellar has something to do with her disappearance. The clues to find her are all there, if he can put them together, but he can’t take his eyes off the ominous device. Frank’s story is the first part of a twisting horror anthology that features PS1-inspired visions of haunted places and cursed characters, all tied to the evil red refrigerator.

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