The fuel oil check goes from 200 to 225€: how to benefit from it?

The fuel oil check was increased to €225 by the government this weekend. The decision was taken during a restricted council of ministers, to help Belgians cope with soaring fuel prices. This Thursday, the text was approved in the House. How do I get this allowance?

In order to take advantage of the fuel oil check of €225, there will be a form to complete. This can be done online, via a platform or in paper format. In this case, it must be sent by registered mail to the FPS Economy.

These forms will be available as soon as the law is published in the Belgian Official Gazette, a priori by 1er July. Please note, this will only be possible until January 10, 2023. Then, the FPS Economy will inform the persons concerned, whether or not their request is admissible. The response is expected no later than March 15, 2023.

The measure concerns 21% of Belgian households, according to the Minister of the Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne, holder of the bill. The co-owners will also be able to benefit from this oil check. This was not the case so far.

The text voted yesterday in the chamber was approved unanimously, less the abstention of the NVA. This measure, to help Belgian households, will cost the State 225 million euros.

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