the good… and less good news from Luc Trullemans for the next few days!

The Azores anticyclone will extend more and more towards the Bay of Biscay and France and is beginning to favorably influence the cool ocean current circulating over Western Europe.

The westerly wind coming from the open sea, which will blow with peaks of 30 to 50 km/h, will bring us an air with cloudy periods and clearings which will become very beautiful on the coast and later also in the interior of the country.

However, small showers may still develop during the day on the relief of the east of the country.

Temperatures will show maximum values ​​around 5 p.m. of 15 to 17º in the upper Ardennes, between 17 and 20º in the coastal region and between 20 and 22º in other places.

The next night will be cloudy at first, then becoming very cloudy with minimums between 10 and 15º but between 4 and 10º in the Ardennes valleys.

Friday :

The weather will remain dry but the westerly wind will remain sensitive.

The sky will be divided between very cloudy periods and temporary clearings except at the sea where long sunny periods will persist.

It will already be much milder with highs of 18º by the sea and in the high Fens and 23 to 25º in the plain.

Saturday :

A weak disturbance will cross our regions from west to east and will temporarily maintain cloudy periods in the morning while beautiful sunny spells will return in the afternoon by the sea during the afternoon with little or no change in the temperatures.

Sunday :

The main center of the anticyclone over the Atlantic will have moved a little more to the north, which will cause the current to veer a little more to the west and the northwest with a maritime air where clearings and passages will continue to follow one another. clouds which will be more present in the west and north of the country.

Monday and Tuesday :

The ocean current with the same type of temporarily cloudy but dry weather will persist while losing a few degrees with maximums returning rather between 18 and 23º depending on the region.

Evolution for the period for Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June:

A cold front associated with a depression in the north of Scotland should cross Western Europe with rain, being followed by the same westerly current originating in the ocean. The weather would therefore remain very changeable with clouds and clearings with temperatures without excess remaining between 16 and 22º.

Probable trend for the period from June 17 to 22:

Persistence of instability with risks of rain or showers throughout the period in an air where the maximum would rise between 18 and 25º during the weekend of June 18-19 then falling between 16 and 22º the following week.


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