The headquarters of MR, PS and Ecolo attacked by militants: call for the closure of Liège airport

The headquarters of MR, PS and Ecolo attacked by militants: call for the closure of Liège airport

A few dozen young activists carried out actions in Brussels on Friday in front of the three seats of the majority parties of the Walloon government (PS, MR and Ecolo) in order to call on them to oppose the renewal of the operating permit for Liège airport. , which should be decided at the start of the academic year. A letter was delivered to them each time to put forward arguments.


Activists from the Stop Liège Airport collective unfurled, above the entrance to the three buildings, a banner bearing the logo “Stop Liège Airport & co” and the hashtag #ClimateScepticPolicy.

On that of the MR, it was specified the message “Proud to be climate skeptic In the morning, the activists bombarded the windows of the building with fake oil.

At Ecolo’s headquarters, they wrote chalk messages like “Assume to change the system” on the floor and walls. The banner carried the message “Your “desirable future“= + planes + precarious jobs”.


The one hung on the headquarters of the PS in the middle of the day linked these two results to eco-socialism. About forty activists, more than during the two previous actions, left multiple cardboard boxes in front of the entrance to symbolize the colossal number of parcels that pass through the airport each year.

The police carried out identity checks before the dislocation of the group shortly before 2:00 p.m. The collective estimates in its press release that “this airport dedicated to air freight promotes a globalized economy of”everything, immediately” based on overconsumption and overexploitation of natural resources and people”.


One of the group’s spokespersons defends that “this aberrant model is obsolete and leads us straight into the wall. The PS, the MR and Ecolo say they are aware of the current climate change. We therefore challenge them to put words into action by putting an end to the activities of Liège airport.“.

This action is in line with the campaign led for more than two years by the collective Stop Alibaba & co, which warns of the environmental consequences of the airport development in Liège and which opposes the establishment of the logistics subsidiary of the giant Chinese e-commerce Alibaba.

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