“The Heart of A Plague Tale” First Print is available for pre-order preview until June 26th at Third Editions

Publisher Third Editions announces The Heart of A Plague Talework written Benoit “ExServ” Reinier
and designed in collaboration with Asobo Studio and Focus Interactive. At a time art book and making ofthis 192-page book will invite you to immerse yourself in the design and the universe of the license whose first episode, Innocence, had captivated us

ExServ has visited Asobo’s premises several times over the past two years, which has allowed it to experience from the inside the fallout from the success of the first episode as well as the design of the second. The Heart Of A Plague Tale is therefore dedicated to both titles and will be released at the same time as A Plague Tale: Requiem, scheduled for the end of 2022..

For this ad, Third Éditions exceptionally offers a pre-order period for the First Print edition. All orders placed from June 15 to 26 will be honored without exception. Beyond this date, it will always be possible to obtain this edition when the book is released,
but this time will be limited!

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