The Minions will set the lake on fire as soon as it opens

The Minions will set the lake on fire as soon as it opens

“Expect a fireworks display whose final bouquet will take place every day as we have so much to offer”, says director Mickaël Marin to 20 minutes. In view of the program of the Annecy Festival 2022, we have no trouble believing it: more than five hundred animated films from ninety-four countries are screened from June 13 to 18.

The party starts at the opening with The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru, a long-awaited film from Illumination studio with the adorable yellow capsules starring. But this is only the beginning: Michel Ocelot (who receives a Cristal d’honneur this year) and Guillermo Del Toro are there to show their work, not to mention the previews of the Little Nicholasnew adventures of Ernest and Celestine and Buzz Lightning.

“The festival is a reflection of the health of a sector that is exploding with creativity for all audiences,” says Mickaël Marin. Production is flourishing for both families and adults. » Both in features and shorts, series or first images of promising projects such as Wallace & GromitFollowing Spider-Man Next Generation Where The most precious of goodsMichel Hazavanicius’ first foray into the world of animation.

Two thousand accredited

“We can’t wait to find full cinemas and a film market so crowded that visitors find it difficult to move around”, enthuses Mickaël Marin again. The vocation of the festival is not only to take the pulse of finished productions but also to promote future projects. “To think that certain films which were born in Annecy return there once finished is extremely gratifying”, he says. We think in particular of the Franco-Spanish production Unicorn Wars whose very enticing “work in progress” we discovered in 2021 and which is in competition this year.

In total, two thousand accredited – professionals, students or simple fans – responded for an edition which marks a great return to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. 20 minutes invites you to come back all week to share his favorites and other discoveries.

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