the mystery surrounding the murder is complete!

On Monday, a man was fatally stabbed in Seraing. The information communicated by Internet users, Monday shortly after 9 a.m., on social networks proved to be correct since it was confirmed by the Liège prosecutor’s office.

Residents, alerted by the noise, requested the intervention of the emergency services following an altercation on Rue du Marais, opposite pumping station No. 3, in Seraing. It was then 1 a.m. a few minutes past.

The argument quickly turned tragic since the victim, Marek Walewski (PHOTO)born in 1976, received several stab wounds, some of which were in the back.

Malek’s body was found at the corner formed by rue Jean de Seraing and rue de Cockerill: here’s what happened.

►► The mystery surrounding the murder is complete: here’s why.


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