The poll ‘who should scare Donald Trump’

The poll ‘who should scare Donald Trump’

Relayed by the continuous news channel CNN, a new survey carried out by the University of New Hampshire (UNH) brings a surprise and, perhaps the beginning of doubt, for Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would win 39% in a New Hampshire Republican presidential primary poll. Trump would only get 37%. No other Republican would collect more than 10%. Former Vice President Mike Pence, stuck at 9%, is third.

According to CNN, which is not among the best friends of the 45th president of the United States, it is “a major change”. Last fall (October 2021), another UNH poll gave Trump the winner with 43% of the vote, against 18% for DeSantis. The recent poll gives Donald Trump another mini slap: only 6 out of 10 Republicans (62%) want him to run again in 2024.

What to doubt the former populist president? It will probably take more to seriously worry him. This is just one poll, in one state. In most studies done to probe the Republican race for the White House, Trump is consistently in the lead. He should therefore not lose his status as favorite for the Republican presidential nomination of 2024. But this is a first alert. According to CNN, the Republican race is changing, and this poll “should scare Donald Trump.” “It’s not Trump and everyone else anymore. It’s more like Trump, DeSantis and everyone else,” the outlet notes. DeSantis doesn’t expect Trump’s blessing. He rushes to the right and is clearly positioning himself to replace the ex-president.

the New Yorker drew the portrait of this man who promulgated last April 14 a law prohibiting abortion from 15 weeks of pregnancy in Florida. In the article titled “Can Ron DeSantis replace Donald Trump as chief GOP fighter?”, we find this sentence: “Articulate and quick on his feet, he has been described as a Trump with a brain”.

“I would beat him like all the others”

Asked about his main challenger last fall, Trump paid him little attention. “If I faced him, I would beat him like I would beat all the others”he had drawn. “I think most people would give up; I think he would give up.” But the $112 million raised for his campaign and recent polls have observers of American politics thinking that DeSantis may not be giving up so soon. And bring about a change in Donald Trump’s attitude? Maybe.

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