The R22 Everest is the king bike!

If Colorado is a land of all-terrain bikes, Optibike bikes are its ambassadors. The R22 Everest is king of its category! An exceptional machine at all levels.

If there are a multitude of bicycle manufacturers, the Optibike brand is one of the pioneers in the history of VAE. In 1998, in Colorado, Jim Turner, a former motocross champion, decided to get into electric bikes. After nine years of research, success and failure, the first Optibike bike was sold in 2007. Since then, the boss of the American brand has made it a point of honor to manufacture extraordinary bikes in addition to machines for of the general public. Regarding these “Ferrari”, they are electric monsters in a VTAE spirit. The R22 Everest lives up to its name: a full suspension bike, a carbon frame and an unprecedented torque of 190 Nm. Yes, you read that right: 190 Nm.

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