The Red Flames resist an hour before collapsing against England

The Red Flames resist an hour before collapsing against England

Eighth nation in the world, semi-finalist of the last two World Cups and the last Euro, England remained on 11 consecutive victories before playing this match. In qualifying for the next World Cup, the Lionesses even scored 68 goals in 8 matches… without conceding any. It is to say if the task was announced difficult.

We therefore understand why the Red Flames (20th nation in the world) had to resign themselves very early to playing a game that was all in pain.

Without Janice Cayman and Justin Van Avermaetour national team saw its goalkeeper Nicky Evrard solicited many times from the first half (14th, 15th, 34th). This allowed the Belgians to keep the zero at the break with the collaboration of Sari Kees. The Belgian defender saved a ball in front of the line (38th) and generally seized the chance left to her Ives Serneels by establishing it in central defense.

Substituted at half-time by Amber TysiakKees saw his side sink in the final half hour as England pressure intensified.

It is precisely an unfortunate deviation from Tysiak on a strike from Chloe Kelly which allowed England to break the Belgian lock (62nd).

A liberating goal for the English who drove the nail in stride via Rachel Daly (66th). While Tessa Wullaert missed one of the rare Belgian opportunities (76th), Leah Williamson took on the task of beating Nicky Evrard one last time on a nice volley (83rd).

Belgium – whose selection of 23 players will be known on Monday – still has three friendly matches before entering the Euros on July 10 against Iceland. The Flames will challenge first Northern Ireland, 46th in the FIFA ranking, next Thursday before facing Austria (FIFA 21) and Luxembourg (FIFA 118).

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