The Resonances of the Institute have a new look

The Resonances of the Institute have a new look

After more than 21 years of history and 85 special issues devoted to COVID-19, The Resonances of the Institute renew their image.

This overhaul includes the consolidation of all of our scientific productions, by merging the regular newsletter and the COVID-19 special. In addition, taking into account the results of surveys conducted with our readership, we have refreshed the aesthetics of the template and added a few sections. Do you like the result? Let us know your appreciation at the end of the newsletter!

Since scientific publications, recommendations and data are the most popular content, they remain at the heart of this new version.

The Resonances of the Institute and In action against COVID-19 reach more than 7,500 people, mainly healthcare professionals and managers. Two polls conducted in December 2019 and March 2022, in which 279 and 182 subscribers participated respectively, showed that regular and COVID Resonances are appreciated. In fact, 98% of respondents find them reliable and understandable. In addition, the two newsletters perform well with the readership since 75 to 84% of respondents always or often read them.

Les Résonances de l’Institut is the regular newsletter of the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec. Twice a month, it presents a summary of the latest INSPQ scientific productions intended to support decision-making in public health.

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