The return to normal will be brutal: rain and thunderstorms expected this Sunday

The maxima will be between 26 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes, 30 degrees in the center and 31 or locally 32 degrees in the west. The wind will be weak to moderate from the southwest. On the coast, the wind will temporarily shift to the west. Tonight and tonight, the sky will be serene and the weather calm, but the temperatures will remain quite high with lows generally between 14 and 20 degrees, or even higher in the big cities.

On Saturday, it will be sunny again in most regions but excessively hot. In the north and northwest, high or mid-level clouds may appear in the afternoon. The maxima will be between 30 and 35 degrees, or even more very locally. At the coast, it will be cooler under the effect of a sea breeze.

In the evening, it will still be very hot under an often clear sky. Cooler air will still arrive from the northwest but will not reach the southeastern part of the country. The sky will also remain serene there while the cloudiness will become variable in the other regions. At the end of the night, a downpour (stormy) will be possible in the west.

On Sunday at dawn, some (thundery) precipitation will already be possible in the far west. Over the hours, these periods of rain or showers sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms will spread to other regions. A significant contrast in maximum temperatures is expected, with values ​​between 16 or 17 degrees at the seaside, 20 or 21 degrees in the center and another 32 degrees in Belgian Lorraine.

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