The sand flea: a small crustacean capable of ruining your beach vacation!

The sand flea – in scientific jargon Talitrus saltator – is also called talitre, jumping talitre, or sea flea. It is aa small crustacean found along most beaches. When it bites, it leaves its saliva and this causes skin irritation and itching. The sand flea can clearly spoil your vacation. The point with Dr Charlotte, referent doctor in the program “La Grande Forme”.

It is also called talitre or jumping talitre or even sand flea, it is a small crustacean of about 25 mm that is found at the edge of the sea, it digs galleries under the sand to shelter in search of humidity.

They are found on many beaches in Europe, but also under the sand of tropical beaches. EThey hibernate from October to March, which means that they show up when the good weather returns.

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