“The scariest time of my life”

“The scariest time of my life”

Seven-month-old Mia had symptoms of a cold. It is for this reason that his mother did not suspect anything else. A small runny nose and a little temperature, there is generally nothing to be alarmed about. But unfortunately, it was from another ailment that the toddler suffered.

Anjna, the 44-year-old mother, testifies to the Sun: her little girl was particularly grumpy and did not want to calm down. Then she noticed changes in her daughter’s body. That’s when she realized something was wrong.

She therefore decides to accumulate visits to the doctor, to finally hear the verdict: Mia suffers from infantile acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare blood cancer.

Anjna’s world is collapsing. “I had no idea that it was in fact his immune system that had serious problems. I first noticed a large bump on his right side, near his ribs, I thought it was a prick. A few days later, I noticed many bruises on her legs and arms, which really freaked me out. I wondered if I was holding her too tight while changing her diaper, or if those bruises were from her crib. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind.

After the diagnosis, Mia had to spend nine months in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. “It was the scariest and most uncertain time of my life. I looked at that little face, my little girl whom I already love more than anything, and I wondered if they were going to take her away from me. It is the most incredible pain. »

After three years of intensive treatment, Mia is doing well. She is now almost 4 years old. “The care and support of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Blood Cancer UK has given us the greatest gift imaginable: being able to watch our beautiful daughter grow up and enjoy her childhood. »

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They are now supporting a campaign launched by Omaze Million Pound House Draw, which will raise funds to help sick people.


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