the survival offers a dizzying teaser that gives cold sweats

A poster and a teaser have just been unveiled for Fall, the survival movie of the summer.

Lovers of strong sensations and intense images, here in the genre of survival films in extreme conditions, here is a newcomer to challenge your resistance to the most instinctive fears. There is a whole day at the cinema which now is based on a very basic pitch : what would happen to one or two intrepid solo adventurers if they suddenly found themselves stuck in a very restricted environment, where only the determination to survive counted?

We can vary the tone and the circumstances, this gives us among others – Open Water, stuck in the middle of the ocean, 127 Hours, stuck under a rock in a canyon, Gravity, stuck in space, etc. Films counting on the great thrill to come alive with spectacular images and test our senses, they often remain honorable entertainment for little that we can appreciate this type of feeling indoors.

If, for example, you do not suffer from acrophobia, you can discover here the teaser of fallwhich has just been revealed.

This time, our two protagonists – played by Virginia Gardner and Grace Fulton – are two friends who decide to push their limits by climbing a disused telecommunications tower over 600 meters. As we can get a glimpse of in the teaser, this will not necessarily go very well. Stuck at the top of this tower, under a heavy sun, the two women will therefore have to survive there as long as possible.

Fall: Official Poster

Playing on the height of the tower, the maddeningly high perspective, fall impresses with a few images and a situation that already seems hopeless, promising that the fall will be just as hectic as the landing. At least, we hope so. A release date has already been announced along with the movie poster for on August 12 in the United Statesbut still no date has been given on our soil.


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