The victim tells the horror film

The victim tells the horror film

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Dr Kasse, victim of the attack on the Marists

Dr. Kassé assaulted at the Marists recounted the film of her assault worthy of a Hollywood film. Doctor and Head of the Operating Room at the General Idrissa Pouye Hospital in Grand-Yoff, Dr Kassé still cannot believe it. And as if fate wanted her meeting with her executioner not to be limited to the difficult moments of the attack, it is very likely that she is the savior of the latter.

The thief was transferred to the ward of the hospital where his victim works. It is even said that it is she who should operate on the thief of his wounds.

”Today I experienced horror. But I really thank God. It happened so fast, it’s like I was in a dream. Around 3 p.m. I left the bank on the main avenue de la Brioche Dorée, which is so busy. It was while turning around that an individual appeared out of nowhere, opened the left door of my car and got into it. He put the trigger to my head and suddenly insulted me, telling me to give him my bag, which was on the chair next door. I opened the car door and dove out of the vehicle. When I fell, I shouted with all my might ‘thief”, says Dr. Kassé.

She still continues in the audio: “The aggressor took advantage of this to get behind the wheel before accelerating like a whirlwind. I got up on the spot, holding the door, the wrist was then detached, it subsequently accelerated taking the road that leads to the lake. Right now there was only one thing left for me: to scream with all my might. Cars and scooters went after him. He rushed into an alley that was a dead end, he hit three cars in his race. He tried to flee while shooting into the crowd. When the bullets were over, he took refuge in the Senelec agency. He was bloodily beaten. God protect us from these evildoers because no one is safe now”.

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