The web version of Photoshop will soon be free for everyone

The web version of Photoshop will soon be free for everyone

The web version of Adobe’s image editing software, Photoshop, should soon be free for everyone. It is in any case the will of Adobe who wishes to reach more users thanks to a freemium model.

It is one if not the most famous image editing software in the world, Adobe Photoshop will become free in its web version. In any case, this was announced by Maria Yap, vice president of digital imaging at Adobe. The website, which until now was only available to subscribers to the Adobe suite, lacked interest and did not meet with the same success as the application.

By making the web tool free and available to everyone, Adobe wants to establish Photoshop as the collaboration tool par excellence. The goal is also to give users a taste of the software. “We want to make Photoshop more affordable and simplify it so more people can try the product.I want Photoshop to meet users where they are. You don’t need a powerful machine to get into Photoshop“, explains Marie Yap.

A freemium model

Although the tool will be free, the business model of the Photoshop site is based on Freemium. Understand that some features will be chargeable. it is above all a question of making the product accessible in order to motivate a potential subscription to Adobe services. For the moment, the Freemium phase is only available in Canada and should arrive in the coming months in Europe.

Adobe also announced that the web service will be improved. A new version will support Chromebooks, widely used in American schools.

A final update should also make it possible to accommodate a new “Neural Filter” which, thanks to AI, will be able to restore and recolor old photos.

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