the world takes refuge on the Moon in the trailer for this dystopian series

the world takes refuge on the Moon in the trailer for this dystopian series

AMC has revealed a trailer for moonhavenhis series where a colony on the moon is humanity’s last hope.

If you missed a bit of kitsch science fiction, it’s coming soon moonhaven. Having in the cast notably Dominic Monaghan (Lost, The Lord of the Rings) and Joe Manganiello (True Blood), the series arrives without us seeing it coming too much with a dystopian and ecological fable set on an unrecognizable Moon.

Bella Sway (played by Emma McDonald), an abandoned smuggler in Moonhaven, discovers this colony which aims to create a model society for the then endangered Earth. Since nothing ever goes right in any isolated community somewhere, crimes happen and Bella finds herself having to unravel a conspiracy with the help of a local detective.

It is on this pitch evoking ancestral stories of the genre (recalling not without displeasure the literature of Van Vogt for example) that the series is illustrated in its trailer.

photo Joe Manganiello

If the special effects or the retro aesthetics (to be nice) make you smile, the most optimistic among us will see here a potentially gripping plot with a background that is not lacking in interest. Since science fiction has always had its greatest strength in its allegorical scope rather than its credibility or its realism, we may find in moonhaven an opportunity to be pleasantly surprised.

We remain skeptical, however, about this trailer where the antagonists and protagonists appear clearly and the stakes seem quickly stale. The series may seem less teenager than The 100but is clearly less convincing from the first visuals than the first season of The Expanse Where For All Mankind. After all, it’s hard to go after the best recent space series. Once again, it will be necessary to count on a solid scenario so that moonhaven stands.

Moonhaven : photo Joe ManganielloI swear to you that I am not the villain of the series.

The task of convincing spectators already in great demand elsewhere for the summer series will not be easy since this one is coming very soon with a relatively small and discreet promotion. Furthermore the series should only have 6 episodesthe first two of which will be available onon the American streaming platform AMC+ on July 7. Until then, let’s keep a curious eye on Moonhaven.


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