there could be something new in the selfie camera

there could be something new in the selfie camera

According to information from Galaxy Club, the future Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ could be entitled to a new, better defined selfie camera. Although these elements should be greeted with tweezers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Since 2019 and the Galaxy S10, the number of megapixels of the Galaxy S selfie sensor has not really changed: it has remained limited to 10 megapixels. Only the Ultra versions were entitled to clear improvements. However, the situation could change with the arrival of the Galaxy S23, if we are to believe the information of Galaxy Club.

12 megapixels?

According to information reaching the media, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus could upgrade in terms of the selfie sensor, which would climb to 12 megapixels. In this case, the pair would offer better defined selfies, with more details. Without upsetting the quality of the photos from one generation to another.

We must also take into account all the algorithms developed by Samsung: artificial intelligence now plays a central role in the photographic performance of our smartphones. The Korean giant therefore also has every interest in working on this subject to improve the performance of its phone.

A line of thought to be taken seriously

In any case, these elements should be treated with caution. The Galaxy S23 will not be presented for many months. If they follow the Galaxy S22 sales schedule, then Samsung could introduce them sometime in February 2023. And until then, the group has plenty of time to change its plans.

You should not therefore consider your information as recorded or acquired: it corresponds more to lines of thought that can be taken seriously at least, without being definitive.

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