“There is no film that has the power of The Last of Us Part II”, the fascinating interview with Christophe Gans

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, GIF or video, related to the video game, high-tech or geek sphere which is in the news or which turns out to be completely timeless.

On the occasion of the 4K remastering of the film Le Pacte des loups, the very gamer and director of feature films Christopher Gans spoke passionately in an interview for CinéSéries. During one of his very long, impassioned responses, Mr. Gans did not mince his words on Cinema, praising, among other things, the narrative and aesthetic power that Video Games can offer.

Words that are naturally a pleasure to hear coming from a filmmaker who does not hesitate to question his favorite art, and which makes people say that little by little, the recognition of video games is making its nest. In addition, know that the director is currently working on two video game films; a reboot of silent Hill for 2023, as well as an adaptation of Project Zero which will take place in Japan in order to respect the original work.

See you at the 10th minute for the JV/Ciné partwishing you a good viewing.


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