they decide to leave a 51-year-old dad at home, he dies in front of his children

If the facts date from 2019, our British colleagues evoke a very sad story this Friday. The Hull Live reports that after waiting for help for more than 2 hours, a father of three died in front of his children. The paramedics had left him at home, simply recommending that he take medication.

The widow of the 51-year-old man is convinced: her companion was “clearly very ill” following an umbilical hernia. Unfortunately, the rescuers thought otherwise, which led to the tragic death of the dad. According to her, their behavior changed when she informed them that the 50-year-old suffered from sarcoidosis of the liver, a disease caused by alcohol addiction.

“I think they dismissed him as an alcoholic. They robbed him of his life, his chance to walk his daughters down the aisle and meet his first grandchildren. He had had problems with alcohol, but he knew it and he had stopped drinking for a month. As soon as I mentioned this, although they decided it was alcohol related, despite my husband lifting his shirt to show them the hernia. They were actually rude,” she recalls.

Today, the woman blames herself for not having done everything in her power to have the ambulance team take her husband to hospital. For its part, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said that lessons have been learned following the tragedy.


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