This change which disturbed more than one viewer during Emmanuel Macron’s speech

On Wednesday evening, on television, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke for the first time since the legislative elections. Elections whose ballot is not favorable to him, since the president has lost his absolute majority. Facing the camera, he said he heard the call of the French. “I hear and I am determined to support the desire for change that the country has clearly expressed. Because it is my role as guarantor of our institutions”assured the Head of State.

On television sets, journalists and political commentators debriefed the speech. On social networks, some Internet users have also shared their analysis on the substance of the speech. But others criticized the shape. A detail (an oversight?) did not allow many citizens to access the president’s remarks: no declaration was transcribed at the bottom of the screen.

An absence, however, unusual because the previous speeches of the French president were usually subtitled.

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