This is what Samsung’s first rollable screen smartphone could look like

This is what Samsung’s first rollable screen smartphone could look like

While Samsung’s folding smartphones are starting to make their mark on the market, the brand is already thinking about the future. The phone of tomorrow could have a rollable screen, as presented by this concept based on patents from the Korean manufacturer.

To remain the world leader in telephony, Samsung must continue to innovate by offering new ways to use the smartphones that we all have in our pockets. The brand’s folding phones are more and more convincing and the launch of the future Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 is proof of the adoption of these smartphones by a certain audience.

rollable screen smartphone
© Sammobile and Jermaine Smith

But the best tech companies need to think about the future. This is what Samsung has been doing for years by filing various patents, in particular around the roll-up screens which have been talked about for a very long time, but whose first demonstration was made in 2016. Since then, we have taken our troubles patiently.

A smartphone with a roll-up screen, for what uses?

The images that illustrate this article are a concept made by a Sammobile who for the occasion has partnered with Jermaine Smit, a content creator. They based themselves on a patent application made by Samsung in 2020 and which was published in May 2022. The demonstrations of rollable screens by Samsung Display also give a better indication of the direction the brand could take in this field.

samsung rollable screen phone
© Sammobile and Jermaine Smith

Rather than trying to reduce the borders of the screen, Samsung could simply make them disappear. The screen would then spread out over both sides of the phone by stretching. A technology that we have already seen at work on the OPPO X 2021.

The main interest is to have a relatively compact smartphone in your pocket while having the possibility of increasing the display surface, to enjoy your multimedia content more comfortably or to work on what looks like a small tablet. For this type of product to be marketed to the general public, brands will also have to adapt the user interface to offer a truly convincing experience.

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