This old man is filmed, while watching a p0rno video in public

This old man is filmed, while watching a p0rno video in public

An old man was watching, simply and in public, a pornographic video. While the senior man was right on target, someone filmed him without his knowledge, probably using his phone’s zoom camera.

This story can be described as “video in video”! Since its broadcast on social networks, this new p0rnographic video case should beat audience records. One thing is to take advantage of the embarrassing videos that other Internet users have published, another is to be careful not to fall into the same traps, as a very small camera can be the source of the most disturbing revelations.

A p0rno video in public is to kill time!

Indeed, an old man is caught in the mesh of social networks, in full viewing of a pornographic video, judging by a visual element, which is the cabbage of Internet users. While the elderly man was making the most of this moment of pure pleasure, he was discreetly filmed by a person who was nearby, not far from him. According to the details of the case, the old man was sitting in the queue at a travel agency, and, perhaps, to kill time, started watching an erotic video, all without any embarrassment and without worrying about what will be said.

It must be said that, even if there are, today, millions of sites, which offer this kind of service, watching an X movie remains taboo, especially when the viewing is done in public, as is the case for this old man. Anyone who does so may attract derogatory comments, such as being called a pervert.

Moreover, licentiousness in certain regions of the planet push people to act in this way, without warning, to the great displeasure of those who advocate respect for good morals. Under other skies, even, at the bottom of a room, domestic education, alone, is enough to block this practice.

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