this very moving film which was a hit in the cinema is coming in 3 days

On Wednesday, June 15, Netflix will add a new comedy-drama to its catalog: patients. A film, directed by Grand Corps Malade, which was a hit when it was released at the cinema.

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On the program for Wednesday, June 15, Netflix offers a ton of new things, starting with the addition of a new original production, Divine wrath. The pitch? “Luciana sees her loved ones die mysteriously one after the other […] and has only one obsession: to save his sister Valentina, the only survivor of the family”, can we read on the platform. Other films will be added to the Netflix catalog: Maldivas, The Hollars, Centauro, When My Love Blooms and Heart Paradeas well as the documentary series In the Age of Decoys: The Internet of Crime. Another novelty to discover: patients. A French dramatic comedy that seduced critics and spectators at the cinemafive years ago.

patients (Netflix): what is this film about which had hit the cinema?

Grand Corps Malade directs his first filmadapted from his autobiographical novel patients, which recounts his year of rehabilitation in a center after his accident. Starring Pablo Pauly (The Girl from Brest, The Invisibles), we follow Ben, a young sports hopeful who has become an incomplete quadriplegic following a serious sports accident in a swimming pool. The latter arrives in a rehabilitation center where he meets other disabled people, all victims of accidents. While some slowly regain some mobility, others, on the other hand, receive the verdict of lifelong disability.

Soufiane Guerrab, Franck Falise… which actors are in the cast of patients?

In this film directed by Grand Corps Malade and Medhi Idir, we find Pablo Pauly in the main role. The actor plays Benjamin, a young man who has become incomplete quadriplegic following a serious accident in a swimming pool. He gives the reply to Soufiane Guerrab (recently seen in the mini-series Visions) in the role of Farid and to Moussa Mansaly who plays Toussaint. Nailia Harzoune (Samia), Franck Falise (Steeve), Samir El Bidadi (Samir), Rabah Nait Oufella (Eddy), Yannick Renier (François), Alban Ivanov (Jean-Marie), Anne Benoît (Christiane) and Côme Levin (Eric ) also appear in the cast of patients.

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