Thomas Meunier: “We were all bad but our reaction was perfect”

Thomas Meunier and Roberto Martinez analyze the difference in the face of the Devils on the first two meetings of the League of Nations.

Roberto Martinez is going to make some changes. “But not too much, in order to keep automatisms”says the coach. “However, I will try to make good use of my changes to involve as many players as possible.”

The coach wants to continue to surf on the good game of his team against Poland. A 6-1 victory which gave the Belgians a smile after a slap taken a few days earlier against the Netherlands 1-4. Within days, the Devils just flip-flopped. From shame to national pride. “We’ve all been bad”summarizes Thomas Meunier. “The criticisms were therefore justified. I just didn’t appreciate that the work of the coach, the staff and the players was questioned. Some wrote that the last three years have been useless. Things have been exaggerated.”

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